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Want to be a supplier of Sastesa?

Sastesa has a Service Provider registration and classification. This record has two levels, Level I Basic for those vendors with products and / or basic services and Repro Level II Registration for those suppliers whose products and / or services may be critical to our organization.

The supplier once registered, must update their data whenever present any modification and / or annual basis, through the following link. Modification/updating data.

The steps for registration are:

1.- Before accessing the link that will allow you to complete the questionnaire, please read the following instructions, it will allow you to speed up the registration.

a) The registration process at least be required to attach a scanned copy of the CIF, the bank certificate and census model (model 036).
b) link with the model de questionaire basic record to know in advance the information required to be completed is attached.

2.- Access The Supplier Registration the Supplier Registration and complete questionnaire

3.- If the product and / or service is considered Basic Level I, the supplier is registered.

4.- If the product / service is considered as Level II Registration REPRO, Achilles will contact the provider to begin the process of registration extended, culminating in classification Sastesa provider.