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The Company's activities coincide with their company purpose, carry out the services and activities related to managing the integrated water cycle and execute works and installations related to the same as follows:

  • Drinking water, wastewater and slurry analysis.
  • Detecting and correcting leaks in pipes, deposits and drinking water distribution networks, wastewater collectors and sewage networks.
  • Recovering, installing, building, starting up; exploiting and controlling all types of installations whether they be for drinking water supply or wastewater treatment.
  • Offering legal and technical advice and assistance to municipal councils and other local entities, organisms and public or private institutions as well as private individuals for all problems related to the hydraulic cycle.
  • Evacuating and treating sludge from wastewater treatment plants, as well as leachates from solid waste, including designing and managing the landfills and/or treatment plants.
  • Undertaking hydro-geological studies to estimate the available resources for the supply of drinking water.
  • Designing, installing and maintaining automatic control systems and telecommunications.
  • Services for collecting and generating data and information, including field studies, such as computer processing and association of the information with cartography, all related to both drinking and waste water.
  • Undertaking studies and reports, as well as writing up projects and management, directing and managing works to eliminate, minimize or prevent landslides, ground movements and/or drainage with special importance to defence against those caused by rain or underground water and its effect on slopes, roads and any other type of urban infrastructure by using the timely hydraulic, geotechnical and/or geological studies.
  • Setting up protection perimeters for new catchment and those already in use.
  • Undertaking and marketing software programmes applied to works and services related to the sections mentioned above.

The constituent activities in the company purpose may be carried out completely or partially by the Company, directly or indirectly, through the holdership of share or stocks in companies with identical or similar activities.